Friday, 10 January 2014

Interactive virtual reality

Everyone knows what virtual reality means. But do you know what interactive virtual reality is? The team knows it and also does it very well! The whole cultural content of any exhibition is provided by the modern collection administration system MUSEION which is especially developed for museums and galleries.  MUSEION is not only attractive to the visitors of virtual exhibitions but also for museum curators. You can digitalize and prepare a new exhibit and  have it published in the virtual exhibition in few minutes. Check out  Památník Vítkov and visit the Crossroads of Czech and Czechoslovak statehood permanent exhibitionin Památník Vítkov.

Firstly you can walk around this imposing building and enjoy the beautiful view. After that you set foot in. 

 You can explore the entire exposition in details. As you wander around the showcases you can register the symbols that are between the exhibits. If you use small symbols (camera, speaker, etc.) you can browse the photos and archive materials, watch documentary films and listen to some authentic recordings.
Detail of an interactive exposition

This is all that you can browse on your computer. But if you use a smartphone or a tablet with gyroscope, a special surprise is expecting you!  By tilting them you can handle a tour through the museum.

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