Friday, 26 September 2014

Modul Depository

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MUSEION introduces a new agenda called „Modul Depository“ which enables to register permanent or temporary storage of the collection items in systematic or in chronological evidence. It enables to define the museum depository and  is divided into permanent depository, temporary long-term storage and temporary short-term storage.

Permanent depository is a room where the items are constantly kept. It can be a special building or a room in the museum.

Temporary long-term storages are places where the items are shown (permanent exhibition).

The temporary short-term storage can be a conservatory or a restoration workshop.

The depositories are structured into levels – building, room, unit and element and all of them are defined by a unique code.

The main advantage of this agenda is the manipulation evidence which enables to receive, return, pass or issue collection items between these depositories and to register the history of manipulation.

Monday, 8 September 2014

QR and bar codes

Do you want to find items in depositories and register them effectively and quickly? Use the QR or bar codes!

The new version of MUSEION system enables to automatically create QR codes and bar codes and print them on special thermal transfer or thermal printers.