Tuesday, 7 January 2014


MUSEION is a collection administration system - the product of the modern technologies that advances the concept of collection administration system. It provides the users with all they need in their daily professional work and facilitates a number of their activities.

MUSEION’s credo is: „What the computer can do, a museum worker should not do“. 

As MUSEION is based on global registration standards, it is possible to use it anywhere in the world. 

MUSEION is developed for museums, galleries, etc, that manage their artefacts collections or natural history collection. Everything can be controlled and maintained by MUSEION through the standard web browsers. If you need to administer your collection, it will be the best solution for you.

Secondly there is some information on how MUSEION works with other applications. MUSEION is fully compatible with other registration systems. And also MUSEION is compatible with Europeana website, which automatically harvests data from MUSEION and displays them on this website.

MUSEION also offers you a tailored system according to your language requirements.

Institutions that use MUSEION system:
Czech national museum
Prague City Museum
Prague City gallery
Eastern Bohemia Museum
Museum of Central Otava Region Strakonice
Institute of Archaeology (Slovak Academy of Sciences)

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